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Is My Baby Regressing At 4 Months Old? What To Do?

As parents, we celebrate every milestone our babies reach. 


However, it should be worrisome when your baby seems to lose skills or experience unexpected delays in their development.


Is My Baby Regressing?


The Baby Development and Movement Expert Michelle Turner wants you to immediately contact your pediatrician and request appointments with a neurologist and genetics specialist if one or both of these things are happening to your 4-month-old baby.


  • Loss of previously acquired skills: If your baby could roll over, sit independently, vocalize, and then lose these abilities. 


Many genetic conditions can have regressive features.


  • Marked changes in behavior or responsiveness: Unusual fussiness like high-pitched screaming for hours, lethargy, or sudden poor eye contact. 


 Neurological issues can range from facial nerve inflammation to sub-clinical seizures and beyond.


When to Work With Other Types of...

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