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Baby Intubation and Development - Breathing and Cranial Suture Midlines.

As you know, I work with a lot of children that have had time in the NICU. Not all NICU stays are dealing with respiratory distress however, they do usually involve facial pinning. I would like to start discussions of milestone availability and facial/cranial interruptions of development.
Many of you know, that I can 'see' or notice the movement presence of devices that impede movement during the application. A baby's body can remain in the situation - long after the device has been removed.
I do want to stress that medical intervention is necessary and shouldn't be avoided or have a sense of guilt around the course of actions taken to save your child's life. I would like to make this information more available so that you can take the steps needed to bring back movement into your child's life.
Let's look at intubation.
Your child breathing is now being forced through an endotracheal tube (ET). This tubing goes through the mouth and into...
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