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Baby Refusing Solids and Won't Take a Bottle - 7 Solutions

baby not eating Jul 17, 2023

Is your baby refusing solids and it doesn't matter what you present to them?

Your baby won't take a well either and you are concerned about weight and lack of nutrients?

Here are 7 things you can do

First, are you watching the weight with your pediatrician?

Second, your pediatrician can’t do much if they don’t have data. For my special needs kids, I, Erin Fulks, weigh them daily and keep it in a log. That way, I can keep track of any trends.

Third, if your doctor isn’t doing anything now, ask them at what point they will be concerned about your child’s weight and then keep the data so you can let them know that the point of their concern has been reached.

Forth, you can ask for a consult for a g-tube. That can be a scary option for some parents. Some kids can eventually graduate off a G-tube but some not. G-tube can be a daunting option for parents, and they put it off. But it’s a huge stress relief to be able to give a child some calories and nutrients...

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