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Super Baby Secret #2 - All Babies Need to Move


It's obvious that all babies need to move, but there is more to baby movements that meets the eye.

Does milestone development just happen, or do you think there should be a step-by-step process we all go through to experience optimal development?

It's obvious that all babies don't move the same, but my question is why? 

I know why. 

In my podcast Baby Movements from Birth to 24 months, I share with you the answers to this question and what you can do about it. 

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You Want Your Baby to Experience "Normal" Development?

I say "normal" because what is "normal?" I want to redefine what you think about baby movements and what they mean for your baby's future development.

Atypical Development

You may have a child with special needs and think it's impossible for your child to experience "normal" development. 

Your child can experience "normal" development, but not in the way you...

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