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What can you do to be more in tune with your child's needs?

The biggest desire I have for my kids is to help them reach their full potential mentally, physically, and emotionally.
Something Michelle Turner always says is, "When do you panic? when you don't have options."
I have seen that to be true over and over for my kids.
Just the other day a bee flew in the car and my 3-year-old had a look of terror on her face as she sat buckled and screaming with the bee coming towards her face.
She couldn't do anything or go anywhere.
She was stuck and was at the mercy of the bee.
I have watched my disabled children express frustration when they lack the ability to push a simple button on a toy or fall to the ground like a rock because they don't have the ability to catch themselves or prevent the fall.
Whether a child is typical or atypical when the child has options to move, the child has options for success.
It's one thing to choose not to push a button, it's another thing entirely when a...
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