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The Power of Improving Movement by 1 PERCENT DAILY

What do 1%, a bicycle 🚴‍♂️, an airplane✈️, a tractor🚜, and Movement Lesson have in common?

The biggest challenge I see parents having when practicing this modality is knowing WHY when they are not sure exactly how Movement Lesson is affecting the body.
So I hope this video helps you understand WHY I am encouraging you to practice Movement Lesson every day or as consistently as you can.

 Instead of thinking "HOW DO I TAKE THE TIME FOR...?" think, "WHY DO I TAKE THE TIME FOR...?"

Hi, my name is Erin Fulks, I am a Movement Lesson Practitioner and I work with Michelle Turner.
In this video, I share part of my story of WHY I learned Movement Lesson and WHY I continue to do it even though I am a mother of 5 young children, two with special needs, I have all my home responsibilities, and I work full time.
It's easy for me not to do ML if I think HOW I am going to do it that day.
When I think of WHY, my perspective and my...
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