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Functional Rotational Movements and Milestone Development

Rotation and Movement

Milestone development is not based on strength but one's ability to rotate in and through what seems like invisible space around us, but really it's gravity and the interaction our body has with gravity.


For a child what makes the stepping stone of milestone development possible is the child’s ability to successfully move in and out of each milestone independently using rotational movements.


Now I keep saying rotation.



Because, yes, you can work on muscle strengthening so a child can muscle through movements, but eventually the child will reach a point where they can’t muscle through anymore because their body is too heavy and gravity has become too much to work against.


It has nothing to do with strength.


Which is counterintuitive.


We think we just need to build more strength but movement shouldn’t take work and when it does we don’t want to do it anymore.


When you focus on...

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