Immature Vision vs. Mature Vision - How to Improve Vision and Movement

Here, Felipe shows you the difference between immature and mature vision

  • Immature vision is when the head moves with the eyes. 
  • Mature vision is when the eyes can move independently from head movements. 
  • At 12-14 months, a child should have mature vision.

If a child does not have the ability to express mature vision at this age, it is a sign that they will start to have (or are experiencing) deviations in movement development. 

Deviations in movement development can lead to developmental delays, if not addressed. 

That being said, in my Cognitive Vision Training, I show you how you can identify your child's movement deviations that are being caused by their immature vision. 

Then I show you how to start teaching your child mature vision skills. 

Typical children, like the girl in these pictures, who haven't fully developed their mature vision have a short attention span, and it's hard for them to focus on things for long periods of time. 


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