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Is Crying Good For Baby's Lungs? - Is It Good for Babies to Cry?

Super Baby Secret #6: Every Super Baby needs a healthy, strong cry.


Super Baby Secret #7: "Crying is a Babys' Language for Needs, Hunger, Sleep, and Comfort"


Crying in Babies 

"The human body uses all forms of kinetic energy in rotation or in/out organization."
"The sudden thrust of gravity and intake of oxygen is equal by the release of gases immediately upon birth.
"One of the most obvious examples of this in neonate’s processes is the act of crying.
"The assumption that the initial organization of sound is for the communication of hunger, sleep, and soiling creates a false security of infant intelligence that is not capable of a response.
"Just the act of exhibiting various levels of sound is a crucial indicator of movement for action in later life as seen in power spectrum density curve using Welch’s method, which is used for calculating the power of a signal-like sound at varying frequencies [16].
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