Pelvis Function and Movement

The Pelvis and Functional Movement

Although we'll be getting into the troubleshooting and working with the structure of the pelvis in later trainings, you need to understand your child's architecture. Click here to see training calendar. 
This is their foundation for all developmental milestones and transitional skills.
Please note: These x-rays are being read for movement. This is not a medical assessment.
Typical Hips:  In the first photo you see the development of a full hip socket, the femur (thigh bone) angles at @125 degrees to form an 'arch' or structure of standing. The ischium (sit bones) form a complete loop.
Asymmetrical Hips: In the second photo are Namita Mehta son's hip x-rays.
They were told the hips were unremarkable.
However, there was no indication of the lack of arch in the femur, indicating Coxa Valga.
There is no noting of the ischium being incomplete which they are incomplete as you...
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