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High vs. Low Muscle Tone Baby - How Muscle Tone is Developed at Birth

Things you might say if you have a baby with high or low muscle tone:

High Muscle Tone Baby (Child):

  • My baby is stiff
  • My baby can't bend their legs, their arms
  • My baby startles a lot
  • My baby is very colicky
  • My baby has bad reflux
  • My baby is delayed in their baby milestones

Low Muscle Tone Baby:

  • My baby is floppy
  • My baby is nonresponsive
  • My baby has no head support
  • My baby is delayed in their baby milestones

How Low and High Muscle Tone is Initiated at Birth 

During a natural delivery through the contractions of the mother, this is the first time that the baby gets to experience active and passive muscle response.

As the uterus contracts, the baby experiences the stimuli of active or high tone muscle, and the muscle tone transfers into the baby.

In between the contractions, the baby experiences passive or low tone muscle, and at the same time moves into position to be birthed. 

So when there are birthing complications, or a person elects for a C-section, the...

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