Facts About Eyes and Vision - Vision and Development Correlelation

Are the Eyes Fine? 

We shouldn't worry about vision.
The eyes just see. It's that easy. Well, not so fast!
Not only should the eyes see - they need to complement every movement in your child's body.
The body's structure might be unable to respond to the toy or your voice = so the eyes to learn to be included with the conversation.
The eyes might be the best feature in your child's life, so they move into all sorts of positions, which might look like 'lack of head control' just to see you.
The one phrase you want to hear from your child's ophthalmology visit is your child's "eyes are fine."
However, just because the structure of your child's eyes are good, doesn't mean that they have the tools needed for successful vision.

There are three key areas to be evaluated for your child's ultimate vision:


#1 Environmental:

Your child's visual surrounding can be too cluttered or complex for them to have successful...
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