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Instead of Asking, "How to Swaddle a Baby?" ask "Why?" and What...?"

What are the Affects Swaddling Can Have on Your Baby? Things to Consider Before Swaddling Your Baby.

  • Compounded movement deviations occur when a baby is swaddled. 
  • Swaddling becomes addictive because a baby doesn't know how to move when it is not swaddled. 
  • Determining whether a baby should be or shouldn't be swaddled, one can use the Newborn Movement Assessment™ to determine if the baby is at high risk or low risk for movement deviations (developmental milestone delays).    
  • Parents must be careful not to swaddle too much as it can cause developmental milestone delays.
  • If a child needs to be swaddled, The child needs Movement Lesson™ or some form of early intervention sooner than later. Needing to be swaddled is an early sign that negative movement deviations are already occurring in the child's system. 

Have You Ever Asked, "Should I Swaddle My Baby?"

Let's talk about swaddling. It's not about "do" or "don't do."

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