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Babies Born in Space and Baby Development and Milestones

What would it take to have a baby born in space?

One thing is for sure, there is not the opportunity for variables in development like there is on earth.
Gravity is such an important part of how a baby develops, and it is almost completely ignored in a child's development.
Gravity seems to only come into play when a child is starting to develop scoliosis at a later age.
A child's interaction with gravity should be evaluated on the first day of life.
When this evaluation is given, a parent or professional can have the blueprint of what that child's development will look like without intervention.

Now there are two types of intervention parents have on their babies without even knowing it, the first is movement intervention and the second is movement restriction intervention.


Without knowing it, parents give their children a lot of movement restriction intervention.

This includes: swaddling, swings, bumbos, chairs (static and jumping), etc.
The worst thing a parent can do is restrict their child's movements. Down the road, when a parent is wondering why their child is behind in physical, social, emotional, visual, and language development, a lot can be traced back to the restrictive devices that accelerated the manifestation of unforeseen genetic problems and possible traumatic experiences that baby had at birth.
Most parents are given that false idea that every baby develops differently and in their own time. They are told to take the "wait and see" approach and the hope is that the baby will "figure it out" and turn out "fine."
Some babies do turn out fine, but more and more young school-aged children are needing developmental supportive services, when the intervention should have been happening months or years before!
What is the biggest problem all these children are facing? They can't interact with gravity in a smooth and frictionless way. When gravity is a negative factor in a child's development, their developmental challenges are enhanced 10, 20, or even 30 fold!

Without knowing anything else, one of the best movement interventions a parent can give to their child is the floor, a blanket, and the parent interacting with the child, playing, teaching, and enjoying movement with the baby.

If you really are concerned for your baby, talk to your pediatrician, but don't want to take the "wait and see" approach.
Your pediatrician says your baby is fine and you don't qualify for services, you don't need to way to teach and give your baby milestone experiences.
Movement Lesson will show you how to do this.
We are the only place where you learn how to integrate gravity interactions into your child's system, and then we actually teach you step-by-step, how to give your child all their developmental experiences despite any other genetic, traumatic, or unknown factors that are too influencing major or minor developmental delays.

More than milestone performances, you want to make sure your child is getting milestone experiences that take the pressure of gravity out of movement.

A baby will never be born in space unless something is done initiate, simulate, and enhance a baby's development in gravity.
When astronauts go to space, they loose their ability to initiate and use all of their developmental milestones. Yes, they are still moving, but when they come back to earth, gravity is a monster, and the easy movements in space are almost impossible on earth because an astronaut's movement in space were not functional, despite the exercise.
To have a flawless interaction with gravity, every movement a person makes needs to have rotation. In space, there are no rotational movements. Without rotation, gravity wins, and movement is hard, it hurts, it take works, and it is not fun.
In the case of your child's development, if you see that development is hard, it hurts, it takes work, or it is not fun for them, then your child is not moving in gravity with rotation.
While there can be other factors, this is a major factor that is preventing your child from experiencing Their Optimal Development.

No one else will tell you this, so you can completely ignore this, or you can find hope and a solution on how to give your child a new developmental projection.

For many Movement Lesson is a parent's last hope, but we want it to be your first hope.
There is no need for you to go through the frustration and discouragement that we have gone through as parents not being able to help our children when everyone is saying "the child is fine," "every child is different," "they will figure it out."
We have already gone through the years of figuring out the most effective way to teach your child development, and you do that with giving your child daily lessons in Movement.
Movement Lesson is the only place you will find how to do this in a way that is optimal for your child.

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