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Babies Born in Space and Baby Development and Milestones

What would it take to have a baby born in space?

One thing is for sure, there is not the opportunity for variables in development like there is on earth.
Gravity is such an important part of how a baby develops, and it is almost completely ignored in a child's development.
Gravity seems to only come into play when a child is starting to develop scoliosis at a later age.
A child's interaction with gravity should be evaluated on the first day of life.
When this evaluation is given, a parent or professional can have the blueprint of what that child's development will look like without intervention.

Now there are two types of intervention parents have on their babies without even knowing it, the first is movement intervention and the second is movement restriction intervention.


Without knowing it, parents give their children a lot of movement restriction intervention.

This includes:...
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Milestone Momentum for Baby and Child Development

When EXACTLY should your baby be doing each milestone?
When should you Start Being Worried about your baby's development?
There is a SPECIFIC PROCESS of movement that gives your child Milestone Momentum.
When milestones are Skipped Or Delayed, your child has deviated off the Milestone Momentum Pathway.
Transitional and Functional Movements are what happens when a baby is on track with their Movement, Vision, and Push/pull Milestones.
NEVER should a child look stuck in their movements.
NEVER should a child look stiff in their movements.
NEVER should a child look laid back in their movements.
In the case where a child has birth trauma, genetics, or unknown issues that are causing developmental delay every child can have Milestone Momentum put into their system so that child can have the opportunity to experience daily progress in their functional movements and abilities.
It's never too late to give your child...
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Are you in "wait and see" mode?

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Is your child past the age they "should be" manifesting milestones like crawling, walking, talking and you are wondering and "when will it happen?" or you are even asking yourself if milestones will even happen for your child.

If this is the case your child is already experiencing compound movement deviations and their development is delayed. The developmental delay might not be news to you, but what is Compound Movement Deviations?
From day one of birth, you can determine if a child is going to have compound movement deviations...
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