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Baby Army Crawling Not Normal and Why Visual

Is this optimal crawling development?
NOPE, but I know how to work with it.
From day one of birth, I knew that my baby would struggle with milestone development because of the Newborn Movement Assessment.
Here my baby is 9 months old.
Rolling over would have been almost impossible for her, let alone getting into some type of crawling.
Again is this optimal crawling for her development, NO.
I am going to be told, "this is normal for babies," "yours will figure it out," "my baby did that, and he turned out fine," "all babies develop differently, this is nothing to worry about."
I have seen too many cases where all these are giving false hope to parents who have a child that really needs help with their development on a small or severe level.
The problem is that my baby looks TOO GOOD to get the help she needs for optimal development.
I don't want fine, I want the best for her development!
In this video, it is plain to a trained eye that Her core movement foundations are not setting up right, and I know that because of the Newborn Movement Assessment. She is strong, but strength is not benefiting her right now. She is using too much strength for this movement. She doesn't need to get stronger; she needs to be taught how to move efficiently.
The reality is that she won't figure out more than this type of crawling without movement intervention because I know where she lacks rotational movements in the body.
And regardless, I know why she is not getting crawling and what I can do to give her body the experience of optimal crawling even if she never gets the classic 4-point crawl down that signifies optimal development is happening in her body.
Am I shooting for her doing a 4-point crawl? YES. Do I hope it happens? YES, But If Not, I know that her milestone experiences are more important than the milestone performances.
To my pediatrician and most everyone else, this is acceptable development NOW, but when my child is 3, 4, 5 years old and is struggling to pay attention or is awkward in their movement and red flags are popping up that school is going to be a challenge for her. It's THEN that they will say her development Is Not Okay when NOW the SIGNS are manifesting Development Struggle Potentials. And THEN she might get help.
I know that these developmental struggle potentials can be erased or significantly lessened by teaching my baby how to do her baby's movements with rotation.
According to the CDC, 1 in 6 kids are diagnosed with some type of Autism or some other diagnosis between the ages of 3 and 17.
If I gambled, I would gamble everything with those odds. Those are really high odds!
I am not willing to gamble my child's future on a hope that my baby will be okay, when I can do something now to significantly Increase the Odds that my baby Will Be Okay by initiating, stimulating and enhancing the rotational movements that are not working in her body.
I DON'T WANT TO WAIT YEARS for enough failures that tell professionals that my baby needs help.
And again, because of Movement Lesson, I don't have to "wait and see" whether or not my baby needs extra help.
The first step to determine if Your Child is experiencing optimal development is to self-evaluate their rotational movements with the Newborn Movement Assessment. This assessment applies to any child, no matter their age.
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Once you see the results start working with a Movement Lesson Practitioner on what your next steps are for doing something about your assessment results.
Again, after assessing your baby or child on your own, get a free Movement Evaluation by a Movement Lesson Practitioner on our Facebook Group Movement Lesson for Parents and Practitioners.
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Written by Erin Fulks

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