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Baby Army Crawling Not Normal and Why Visual

Is this optimal crawling development?
NOPE, but I know how to work with it.
From day one of birth, I knew that my baby would struggle with milestone development because of the Newborn Movement Assessment.
Here my baby is 9 months old.
Rolling over would have been almost impossible for her, let alone getting into some type of crawling.
Again is this optimal crawling for her development, NO.
I am going to be told, "this is normal for babies," "yours will figure it out," "my baby did that, and he turned out fine," "all babies develop differently, this is nothing to worry about."
I have seen too many cases where all these are giving false hope to parents who have a child that really needs help with their development on a small or severe level.
The problem is that my baby looks TOO GOOD to get the help she needs for optimal development.
I don't want fine, I want the best for her development!
In this video, it...
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