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SPML, SPML Surgery - Before and After Care - Clinic and Home Exercises

SPML - Selective Percutaneous Myofascial Lengthening

SPML is a surgical procedure that aims to lengthen certain muscles, or to reduce tone in the muscles.



  • Before/After - SPML and Movement Lesson
  • SPML and Movement Lesson Care
  • Testimonial from Mom
  • Day 1-14 Post SPML Surgery - Clinical Care Exercises
  • SPML + Movement Lesson™ Success!
  • 4 Weeks Post-SPML Surgery - Jumping on the Trampoline
  • SPML Question by Parent
  • SPML Answer by Michelle Turner, Movement Specialist
  • SPML Response by Parent and Movement Lesson Practitioner, Savithri
  • Did You Know This About SPML and Posture?


BEFORE/AFTER - SPML and Movement Lesson


SPML and Movement Lesson Care 

Here is a wonderful, seven-year-old boy before and after his SPML surgery. 
He came to the Movement Lesson clinic for a three-week intensive prior to his surgery. That resulted in him only needing the left leg done with a cast.
The right leg needed just a little.
After SPML he came back for another three-week intensive. His casts were on during the first week.

Testimonial From Mom

"3 weeks have flown by.

3 weeks of working on my body but only in a fun way. How much we played and had fun! 

3 weeks of not experiencing a single moment of pain. Not one moment did I have to feel that painful stretching. 

How happy I am that I now have much more confidence to move.

So much more sense of space and freedom.

So much less tension in my body.

I’m so blessed now that my mom has finished her training and can treat me too. You’ve changed my life now already.

But Michelle, how much I miss you already! See you soon.

Lots of hugs ❤️😘"


Day 1-14 Post SPML Surgery - Clinical Care Exercises

The main benefit of Movement Lesson pre and post-operative care is about weight transfer and developing transitional movements!
Another important factor of post-operative care is a parent’s ability to care for their child at home through online training university.
a three-week complete course for your child's post-operative care!

SPML + Movement Lesson™ Success!

There is nothing better than just hanging out. Here is a great 'behind the scenes video of Luca just having fun with a playmate. Three weeks post SPML.

Notice now how his vision is going through his body to his feet! That's functional movement. It's not just about standing with your feet on the ground.
"I think I’ve watched it about 100 times 😅 I still can’t believe it." Carry Van Camp - Mom


4 Weeks Post SPML Surgery - Jumping in the Trampoline

4 weeks post SPML and a week post Movement Lesson, hanging out with your brothers is the best medicine!


SPML Question by Parent

I have planned for SPML surgery for my daughter with Dr. yngve.
We need go for AFOs.
Can you please suggest me which one is the best? either Hanger in Galveston or with Dr. Jordan?
And do you have therasuit method with you mam?


SPML Answer by Michelle Turner, Movement Specialist 

I love Dr. Yngve's and Dr. Nuzzo's work. I do have a very specific SPML protocol that I use for post-operative work.
As you know, I've presented tons of information on the beginning of movement and muscle function (if you don't - I can send you my papers).
When you use alcohol blocks (NOT botox) the muscles have an opportunity for their first functions.
This need for initiation needs to be offered with weight transfer and gentle rotational movements in a non-gravity-stressed environment.
This intensive is done when the casts are still on.
Going into a muscle-based activity immediately after surgery only adds to the basis of certain muscles trying to take control of the action vs responding to the movement.
Also, the foot slips in the casts.
These movements add to abnormal muscle responses.
I'm not a fan of Hanger - sorry they cast the foot and do an AFO - Dr. Jordan sees movement and function and molds according to the child, not the condition.
Once the casts are off - muscle-based functions are initiated in opposition to gravity with rotational movements.
Contrasting from horizontal to vertical transitional that have been bypassed due to the prior conditions. These treatments are done on the table and through Astro Therapy in my clinic.
Therasuits are not in my program.
Anyone can use compression for an artificial sense of stability and posturing.
However, Newton's Law is involved and the muscles learn to push versus transfer in and out of passive and active phases.
When the push is over, they release - so more rounding and muscle weakness.
Also, breathing is not muscle-based.
The suit can lower oxygen and speech abilities.


SPML Response by Parent and Movement Lesson Practitioner, Savithri  

We made our AFOs with Dr. Jordan.
Totally worth the travel.
He saw the whole body as a system and not only the feet.
Once we finished the surgery, we flew to Michelle to start the sessions- with casts on.
This is a video of my son,  two years post-surgery, and Movement Lesson.
We did a combination of movement lessons and Astro Lessons with Michelle - the best decision ever made for my son.
Once the casts were off, we had more of Michelle's sessions for another two weeks before flying out.
My son was a toe walker who was not independent pre-spml but he is fully independent one-year post-op and it's not the surgery alone that made the difference but it was Michelle who worked her magic on him.
We saw Dr. Yngve, 
The casts have to be on for three weeks, after which it can be changed into AFOs so one day after surgery we came to Michelle at Phoenix 3 weeks post-surgery when we flew to see Paul Jordan.


Did You Know This About SPML and Posture?


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