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SPML, SPML Surgery - Before and After Care - Clinic and Home Exercises

SPML - Selective Percutaneous Myofascial Lengthening

SPML is a surgical procedure that aims to lengthen certain muscles, or to reduce tone in the muscles.



  • Before/After - SPML and Movement Lesson
  • SPML and Movement Lesson Care
  • Testimonial from Mom
  • Day 1-14 Post SPML Surgery - Clinical Care Exercises
  • SPML + Movement Lesson™ Success!
  • 4 Weeks Post-SPML Surgery - Jumping on the Trampoline
  • SPML Question by Parent
  • SPML Answer by Michelle Turner, Movement Specialist
  • SPML Response by Parent and Movement Lesson Practitioner, Savithri
  • Did You Know This About SPML and Posture?


BEFORE/AFTER - SPML and Movement Lesson


SPML and Movement Lesson Care 

Here is a wonderful, seven-year-old boy before and after his SPML surgery. 
He came to the Movement Lesson clinic for a three-week intensive prior to his surgery. That resulted in him only needing the left leg done with a cast.
The right leg needed just a little.
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