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Are you in "wait and see" mode?

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Is your child past the age they "should be" manifesting milestones like crawling, walking, talking and you are wondering and "when will it happen?" or you are even asking yourself if milestones will even happen for your child.

If this is the case your child is already experiencing compound movement deviations and their development is delayed. The developmental delay might not be news to you, but what is Compound Movement Deviations?
From day one of birth, you can determine if a child is going to have compound movement deviations based on the rotation in or not in their system.
Many parents have concern for their child, but when they bring it up with the Pediatrician the doctor says, "Lets ways and see what happens in three months...6 months...12 months" Or the parent, you, gets a range of time where it's "okay" for a child to accomplish an established developmental milestone like rolling over, crawling, walking, and so on.

By the time a Pediatrician will start recommending therapy for your child it is way too late to be addressing the movement needs of your child.

Had the Pediatrician used the Newborn Movement Assessment at each of your child's checkups, he would have known the moment your child was deviating from typical movement development.

You should never be in "Wait and See" Mode.

Your child is experiencing developmental movement deviations if your child is not or did not roll over by 2.5 to 3 months.
It's true, your child may have eventually rolled over but many are still waiting for that milestone to happen and their child is 6 months, 7 months, 12 months old, or older.
Many children are 18 months or older and they are just now getting the therapeutic help they need, but even then a child's compound movement deviations are not being addressed.
Instead of going back to the foundations of movement, we are pushing our children to be crawling, standing and walking, well before their system is ready.

Movement Lesson offers the only programs that takes a child BACK TO THE MOVEMENT FOUNDATIONS.

Before rolling over your child has to experience ROTATION, WEIGHT TRANSFER, AND COUNTERBALANCE.
Segment I Training is a must for every parent. If you child is just a baby, a teen or even an adult, it's not too late to put the movement basics into their system. When you do this, your child will have new movement experiences.
For some children, the children will manifest established milestones like rolling over, crawling and walking, but for others, you have tricked the brain into thinking it has done these movements and as a result, other movements like self feeding, independent play, speech, and just overall improved movement starts coming into play.
If you are at all questioning if your child is experiencing developmental delay, or you are in the throws of it trying to figure out what is wrong with your child, or you are wondering what more you can do to help your child move, you should have been taking this course yesterday.
Movement deviations will continue to compound unless you take action now and go back to the MOVEMENT FOUNDATIONS.
Click on the link to get started with Movement Lesson™ Segment I Training now. Be amazed at how you will start improving your child's movements TODAY!

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