Are you in "wait and see" mode?

Is your child past the age they "should be" manifesting milestones like crawling, walking, talking and you are wondering and "when will it happen?" or you are even asking yourself if milestones will even happen for your child.

If this is the case your child is already experiencing compound movement deviations and their development is delayed. The developmental delay might not be news to you, but what is Compound Movement Deviations?
From day one of birth, you can determine if a child is going to have compound movement deviations based on the rotation in or not in their system.
Many parents have concern for their child, but when they bring it up with the Pediatrician the doctor says, "Lets ways and see what happens in three months...6 months...12 months" Or the parent, you, gets a range of time where it's "okay" for a child to accomplish an established developmental milestone like rolling over, crawling, walking, and so on.

By the time a...

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