How to Help Scoliosis in 30 SECONDS - Back Exercises for Scoliosis

Back Exercises for Scoliosis

Back Exercise #1 - The Video Above

Here I show you a technique you can do on someone who has scoliosis or for someone who has back problems.

I call it the Hanging Technique.

This technique helps to not force a movement but initiate movement.

You are not going directly to the spine but you are initiating movement on the spine.

Hanging Technique:

  1. Place hand straight under armpits.
  2. Be sure not to grab because once you grab you force the movement.
  3. Slowly go and down, side to side, initiating weight transfer.

This helps extend the spine allowing for more movement and counterbalance to happen within the spine. 

Back Exercise #2 - The Video Below


Transforming My Own Scoliosis


"Just finished the Scoliosis course. Great course! My kid prefers laying on one side when working on his spine so I respect that as his neutral."
- Anonymous Parent - 


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