Should I Use Black and White for Vision Development?


  • Does your child have low-level vision?
  • Does your child fail to respond to motion?
  • Does your child fail to respond to an object and/or color?
If you answer 'yes' then you might want to use black and white to stimulate vision for directionality. Getting attention to look towards your B+W card. That's it!
Never have a free-standing object, app, and/or area that is primarily B+W.
  1. Your child most likely will be stimulated but they are typically unable to look away.
  2. They cannot focus on a B+W, making it difficult to use binocular vision and/or convergence.
  3. There is no depth of field or depth perception when an area is being used for B+W.

Things to avoid:

  • Mobile
  • Playmat or carpet
  • wall
  • un-attended viewing (leaving your child alone)
Remember - your child's best and favorite toy is your face
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