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Teach a Child How to Eat Using Utensils


How to teach a child how to eat with utensils; it's different than you think.

Many think teaching a child how to eat is about putting a utensil in the hand and getting the utensil to the mouth.
For some children, this approach may work.
But if you have tried this and you are wondering why your child just isn't getting it, there is an important factor about this functional movement that you are missing.
All functional movements require rotational movements.
Functional movements do not require one to develop more strength.
When a child lacks rotation in the wrist, elbow, and/or shoulder, eating with utensils can be a very difficult, if not impossible task.
So instead of being frustrated that your child isn't getting it, there is a simple solutions checklist you can go through to teach your child rotational movements so their body starts to understand functional movements like eating with...
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