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Teach a Child How to Eat Using Utensils


How to teach a child how to eat with utensils; it's different than you think.

Many think teaching a child how to eat is about putting a utensil in the hand and getting the utensil to the mouth.
For some children, this approach may work.
But if you have tried this and you are wondering why your child just isn't getting it, there is an important factor about this functional movement that you are missing.
All functional movements require rotational movements.
Functional movements do not require one to develop more strength.
When a child lacks rotation in the wrist, elbow, and/or shoulder, eating with utensils can be a very difficult, if not impossible task.
So instead of being frustrated that your child isn't getting it, there is a simple solutions checklist you can go through to teach your child rotational movements so their body starts to understand functional movements like eating with utensils, playing with toys, rolling over, standing, walking, riding a bike and much more.

Here's what you do:

1. Watch our free webinar about where the CDC developmental guidelines get it wrong and set your child up for failure if there is something you should be worried about in their development. CLICK HERE to watch the FREE Webinar. 
2. Evaluate where your child does and does not have rotational movements. (Do it yourself and use the Newborn Movement Assessment to evaluate your child. Click Here to access the free course - Yes this same assessment can be used on a toddler, a 6-year-old, 10-year-old, an adult, or elderly person. Rotational movements should be available to every human being from the first day of life, thus the word "newborn" in the title. Yes, this assessment will work for your child in helping you identify where their system does and does not have rotation. If you don't think you can do it right get your child evaluated by top Movement Expert, Michelle Turner, Click Here.
3. Join the Subscription Site for access to all mini-course step-by-step videos, and start helping your child experience functional milestone movements today. Included are weekly live group zoom sessions to ask your questions as you have them. CLICK HERE to Join.  
4. Start working with a Movement Lesson Practitioner to help you understand where your child is at in their functional development. They can guide you through different exercises and answer your questions as you start learning how you can take your child's development into your own hands and help your child progress on a daily basis. Schedule an in-office or zoom appointment, Click Here
5. Initiate rotational movements with the Movement Lesson Touch where your child does not have rotational movements. (Learn the Movement Lesson Touch with Segment One Training. Click Here to get started with Segment One Training)
6. Stimulate your child's new rotational movements as they start to use them on their own. (Learn how to create milestone movements with Segment Two Training. Click Here to get started with Segment Two Training)
7. Enhance your child's rotational movements by putting them in different scenarios and teaching them how to use rotation in those new scenarios. (Advance your child's movements abilities with the Movement Lesson™ Laser Series. Click Here to get started with the Movement Lesson™ Laser Series.)

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