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The 3 Stages for Healthy Child Development


“We are not built for exterior motion. We are built for interior movement. That's how our bodies make up movement.”    - Michelle Turner - 


Stage 1. Vision Development 

The first stage for childhood development is vision development. 

Suppose a child has any visual complications due to the structure of their eyes. In that case, it will change all of their movements and even cause developmental delays. 


This would include things like lack of convergence, lack of binocular vision, nystagmus, astigmatism, strabismus, and so forth.  

So, before working with a child’s movement milestone development, their functional vision must be resolved first. Then one can start working with fine and gross motor skills.   

To understand if your child has visual needs (even if you think their vision is fine, or the doctor has said, “their vision is fine,”) do the following...
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