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31 Parent Tips For Being Proactive in Healthy Baby Development


1.Provide a safe and stimulating environment for the baby to explore.



2. Encourage physical activity and play to promote gross motor development.



3. If your baby favors looking to one side talk to your pediatrician. It could be torticollis. Learn more in our free torticollis course. CLICK HERE 



4. Read to the baby daily to promote language and cognitive development.



5. Interact hold and play with your baby, they learn development from your movements the more you interact with them.



6. If you feel like your baby is behind in their development, get the Movement Lesson Baby Milestone Momentum Chart. CLICK HERE. 



7. Use baby sign language to communicate with the baby before they can speak.



8. Your child should never feel stiff. Talk to your pediatrician immediately and start offering your child rotational movement exercises. CLICK HERE




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