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Home Exercises I Can Do for Special Needs - Alternative Solutions To or With Your Current Therapy

This is What Can Happen with Consistent and Daily practice of Movement Lesson in Your Home.

Up until a month ago, to help my daughter be upright and "walking"‍, it required someone to hold her and crouch over while she moved her legs in a walking motion.
Life started out pretty rough for her, and bandaids and syringes were her play toys because they were light enough for her to pick up, hold, and play with.


Movement Lesson™ Offers Hope for Your Child's Progress and Development

This is something I never expected to see.

I knew that because of Movement Lesson, her body had the movement input of walking. 


Here is a video of her first time in the walker and playing the piano on her own. 


It's been 4 years since I started ML with my daughter.
When she got in this walker and took off like she had been doing it all of her life, and because of Movement Lesson she had been.
The actual...
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