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Home Exercises I Can Do for Special Needs - Alternative Solutions To or With Your Current Therapy

📣 🎊This is What Can Happen with Consistent and Daily practice of Movement Lesson in Your Home. 🎊 📣

Up until a month ago, to help my daughter be upright and "walking"🚶‍♀️, it required someone to hold her and crouch over while she moved her legs in a walking motion.
Life started out pretty rough for her, and bandaids and syringes were her play toys because they were light enough for her to pick up, hold, and play with.


Movement Lesson™ Offers Hope for Your Child's Progress and Development

👀This is something I never expected to see.👀

I knew that because of Movement Lesson, her body had the movement input of walking. 


Here is a video of her first time in the walker and playing the piano on her own. 


It's been 4 years since I started ML with my daughter.
When she got in this walker and took off like she had been doing it all of her life, and because of Movement Lesson she had been.
The actual movements children manifest when getting Movement Lesson is different for every child, BUT because of Movement Lesson children can experience movements they wouldn't get otherwise. 🧠
It's the hope of every parent to see their child go through normal development.
Or if a parent feels like they have given up on that, it's the hope of every parent to see their child be as independent, social, and happy as possible.😊
This is what ML offered me, still does offer me, and it's what it offers you.
It offers hope.🌱
It gives you hope that you can do something from home, and in the clinic if possible, to help your child reach their full potential, not the full potential of every other child but YOUR CHILD'S full potential.

Keep Up the Good Work

Parents and Professionals, keep up the good work. ❤️❤️❤️
Even if you don't understand everything about ML and about how and why it works, that's okay.
Have faith and trust that it works.
Be consistent and as the days go by you will see the positive influence you are having in a child's life.

ℹ️ Want to improve your Movement Lesson Experience in the Home?

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You don't need any prior ML experience or course training to be successful with these courses.
If you are not sure what course you should take,

👉First, is the Movement Lesson™ Laser Series. If you haven't taken that, that's where you want to start.

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👉Second, if you have taken that first course, then it's on to the Head and Suture Cranial Course. If the movement milestones don't happen in the head, they are not going to happen in the body.

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These courses are life-changing for your child and you.

With any ML course that you have, you don't just go through the course once.

As you go through the courses, again and again, practicing and cycling through the exercises, that's when you really start seeing magic happen for your child.
You start seeing new movements, new abilities, new independence, new social and cognitive skills.
This is not about making your child like everyone else, these courses are about YOUR CHILD their needs, and their potential for progress, independence, and a full and happy life.
What's the best part is YOU MADE THAT DIFFERENCE. ❤️❤️❤️
👉Click on the link to see all our specials if you want to see the other courses we have made available for you for your child's success, https://www.movementlesson.academy/specials
👉Don't forget to tell me in the comments if you did ML today. Say "Yes, I did it!" or share your ML experience.

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