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"The BEST GIFT you can give a child is MOVEMENT."

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You. Are. Worried! about your baby's development and you want to know if what you are seeing is normal for your baby's age.

You deserve to know how to help your baby and Movement Lesson™ teaches you how by helping you identify if your child is on the path of MILESTONE MOMENTUM

MILESTONE MOMENTUM is what every baby needs to experience continual progress. 

There should NEVER BE A TIME when your baby's progress just stops. 

If your baby's progress is delayed then Movement Lesson™ teaches you how to get progress happening again with our MILESTONE MOMENTUM COURSES

Above is a diagram of important developmental movements you may know about.


It's also an illustration of what you don't know that needs to happen in order for your child to be on the path of MILESTONE MOMENTUM.


It may seem like a lot, and it is, but NOT TO WORRY. 

Movement Lesson™ is here to help you Every Step Of The Way. 


We don't have all the answers, but we have A LOT of answers that make all the difference for your child's development in Milestone Momentum!


We are here to teach you what's missing in your child's development and what you can do to put these movements into their system for developmental success.** 

You are not in this alone, and it's okay to worry. 

No matter what happens from here on out you can keep your child on a path of MILESTONE MOMENTUM by learning and applying the Movement Lesson™ Technique on a daily basis. 



**Movement Lesson™ does not guarantee that your child will perform any specific milestones. Factors like genetics, trauma, and changes in skeletal and neurological structures can make milestone performances impossible. But with Movement Lesson™ it is possible to put milestones into a person's system without the physical performance of the milestones ever occurring. 

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