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Baby Skips Crawling and 2 Types of Crawling That Are Not Normal

Baby Crawling Blog Summery

  • Essentials for Successful Crawling
  • Did your child skip crawling?
  • When do babies start crawling?
  • No matter your child's age, you can teach the system that missed milestone and completely change to the projection of your child's developmental delays fr the better. 
  • Watch our free webinar on early infant development typical and atypical warning signs.
  • Other baby crawling that is not normal and why
  • Movement Lesson™ is NOT therapy or an alternative to it.


Essentials for Successful Crawling

The act of true crawling is created from internal mechanisms of core movements. No child presents into all fours. They will transition in and out of a position that might include 'all fours' but they will not present in all fours as a static position. To work with aspects of crawling, your child needs the following:
1- They MUST be able to create a transitional milestone through weight transfer. What does that mean? They need to transition...
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