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Baby Skips Crawling and 2 Types of Crawling That Are Not Normal

Baby Crawling Blog Summery

  • Did your child skip crawling?
  • When do babies start crawling?
  • No matter your child's age, you can teach the system that missed milestone and completely change to the projection of your child's developmental delays fr the better. 
  • Watch our free webinar on early infant development typical and atypical warning signs.
  • Other baby crawling that is not normal and why
  • Movement Lesson™ is NOT therapy or an alternative to it.


Did Your Child Skip Crawling?

Movement Lesson teaches the importance of EVERY milestone for Milestone Momentum.


Skipped crawling is a BIG Movement Deviation.


When Do Babies Start Crawling? When Do Babies Crawl

Babies should start crawling at about 8 months to be on track for Milestone Momentum (CLICK HERE to get the Baby Milestone Momentum Charts).  


This boy couldn't crawl because of his Cerebral Palsy (there are many other reasons why a child skips crawling).


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