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NICU, Heart Surgery and Functional Developmental Milestones

Before and After - NICU to HOME

His life is completely different because of Movement Lesson.
His life experiences were not that of a typical child, but I was able to offer that to him through teaching his body typical movement patterns by teaching his body functional developmental milestones with the Movement Lesson™ Touch.

Here is where he started...

You can do this too and become a Movement Lesson Parent Practitioner for your child.
Instead of being worried all the time about your child's development, you can become empowered with a skill set that allows you to functionally influence your child's development despite the challenges they will face in their life. 

Where do you start?

1. As a Movement Lesson™ Beginner, evaluate your child for functional movements with the Newborn Movement Assessment. CLICK HERE 
2. Then get a Movement Lesson™ Creator Subscription to help you...
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2 Ways Intubation, Feeding Tube (NG or NJ Tube), and / or NICU Time Affects Milestone Development

Birth Trauma and Cranial Developments

Birth Trauma can be a variety of things:

  • Intubation
  • Feeding Tube (NG or NJ Tube)
  • NICU Time
  • and more

When a child experiences a birth trauma that interrupts their cranial movements, developmental delays can occur. 


Because these types of birth trauma can cause two types of jams in the cranial system. 

First, is an ATLAS JAM

Your child may be struggling with things like:

  • Head control
  • Eating
  • Swallowing
  • Hates tummy time
  • Not rolling over

The head needs to be able to counter all the movements in the spine, and when there is an atlas jam, it can't; therefore key transitional movements patterns can not occur. 

Why Are Transitional Movement Patterns Important?

Transitional Movement Patterns are what should happen in a person's body between each of the "baby milestones" that you know.

These are not all of the established milestones given by the CDC, but here are just a few:

  • Head lift
  • Tummy time
  • Head control
  • Rolling over
  • ...
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