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NICU, Heart Surgery and Functional Developmental Milestones

Before and After - NICU to HOME

His life is completely different because of Movement Lesson.
His life experiences were not that of a typical child, but I was able to offer that to him through teaching his body typical movement patterns by teaching his body functional developmental milestones with the Movement Lesson™ Touch.

Here is where he started...

You can do this too and become a Movement Lesson Parent Practitioner for your child.
Instead of being worried all the time about your child's development, you can become empowered with a skill set that allows you to functionally influence your child's development despite the challenges they will face in their life. 

Where do you start?

1. As a Movement Lesson™ Beginner, evaluate your child for functional movements with the Newborn Movement Assessment. CLICK HERE 
2. Then get a Movement Lesson™ Creator Subscription to help you...
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