Vision and Movement

How Vision Affects Movement and Baby Milestone Development

"Improve the vision, improve the movements."

-Michelle Turner

1. Understand how vision affects movement and baby milestone development, and understand vision development and how the spine works.


2. Get assessed to find out if there are any structural abnormalities of the eyes.


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Next, take the FREE "Vision and Your Child" course to better understand the tell-tale vision signs you need be lo looking for in your child. See the link at the bottom of the page. 

Tips for a Successful Pediatric Ophthalmology Appointment

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3. What to do next with you baby (child) based on their assessment results.


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First, if you are in the United States you need a doctors prescription to take eh patching course. If you are not in the U.S, no prescription is required for you to start a Patching Program and you are welcome to get started with the Movement Lesson Patching Program.  

Next, get a Full Movement Assessment by Michelle Turner and get better informed on how vision has affected or is affecting your child's movement. 

Lastly, take the 4 day, Cognitive Vision  Training by Leading Functional Vision and Movement Expert Michelle Turner.  . Complete with workbooks, full access to the Diamond Scale Functional Vision Assessment, and functional vision training 

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