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Mom Approved Exercises - How to Increase Movement in the Pelvis

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Movement in the Pelvis is Everything. Without the Pelvis Functional Movement Almost Becomes Impossible. 

Tummy time, rolling over, standing, walking, running, even writing, sticking the tongue out, riding a bike, all of these movements require the pelvis to be completely successful.

The pelvis is central to all the movements we make, so whether you want to initiate movement or improve movement, work on the pelvis. 

Exercise 1


Exercise 2 & Understanding How Movement Works in the Pelvis

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See What Happens When You Restrict Movement In the Pelvis.

Using Things that Create Pelvic Restrictions for Extended Periods of Time Can Be of Serious Detriment to Your Childs Short and Long Term Development. 


These would include things like

  • Car Seats
  • Bumbo's
  • Johnny Jump Ups
  • Swaddling
  • etc.

Side Note

Also, think about things that you use as an adult that restrict the pelvis. You can still move, but your body goes into muscle-based functions instead of using the natural countering in the system. 

Think about it, does your back hurt when you use these things?

Do you get tired more quickly? 

When you restrict movement in your pelvis for extended periods of time, you are setting yourself up for being more prone to injury and long-term movement failure.

If you notice that you have movement restriction in your pelvis, here is a simple and possible solution, GET A MOVEMENT LESSON. ML is for kids and adults. 

Are You Struggling to See Results? Watch this Video on Touch and the Pelvis. Then Try the Exercises Again


Taking It A Step Further: Understanding the Functional Anatomy of the Pelvis and What that Means for Movements (e.g., Stairs, Walking, etc.)

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