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Movement Lesson™ is an alternative approach to optimize an individual’s movements through touch.

By assessing any weakness in the initiation of movement, ML™ can identify and reinforce rotation within an action, increasing range of motion. ML™ application uses three key steps - initiate, stimulate and enhance functional development.

There are FOUR Segment Trainings through which a parent or a professional must complete and participate in to become a Movement Lesson Practitioner. Parents as well as OTs, PTs, and other professionals have taken this training to add to their skill and expertise in 

  1. Understanding functional movement from birth to the aged
  2. How to initiate movement foundations in babies, children, and adults who have compromised movement. 
  3. How to stimulate movement in babies, children, and adults who want to improve their quality of movement. 
  4. How to enhance movement in children and adults who want to excel at and master any skill that involves movement

In these courses, individuals are taught how to offer continued movement health and support to individuals through evaluation assessments and movement techniques unique to the Movement Lesson™ method. 

*After completing the 4 segments, you will have practicum requirements to show you can appropriately use the technique. After completing all four segments and passing these requirements, you will be sent your Movement Lesson™ Practitioner Certification. 

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Movement Lesson™ Training Series

"My English is not very good, but I try. I am almost finishing segment I on the 6th day today. I am left day 7 for tomorrow and Friday.
But not about that, a moment ago there was one of my bookstore's regular customers. Football coach 34-35 years old and says that he collided with someone during training 4 days ago, he got in the ribs from the knee, and is breathing very hard, bruised, 2 days ago he was spitting blood, but the doctors found nothing. He asked if I could try to do something about it (I'm a talker and all my clients need to know what Michelle Turner does and that something I am trying to learn something from her).
After 8-10 minutes, there was no sign of pain, he could raise his hand above his head, where previously at shoulder height, the pain was unbearable. The lower ribs began to move smoothly again. Full of surprise, he could not believe that it passed so easily and so quickly and why physiotherapists cannot do it.
And I had fun. "

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