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Quantum Reflex Integration vs Movement Lesson Reflex Integration

In the video below Michelle talks about the creation of reflexes, how reflexes are misidentified, and how you need rotational movements to integrate true primitive reflex responses. 


A program that uses QRI harmonic laser to integrate what is believed to be infant reflexes by putting the low-level laser on acu-points and known reflex patterns.


Movement Lesson does have a laser program, but a laser is not necessary to integrate a child's primitive reflexes. 


Movement Lesson believes that reflexes are movements needed by the skeletal system to be able to go into developmental movement patterns.


To successfully integrate reflexes you need to understand where a child is at in the movement process and then start to organize the body according to that process so the body can start to naturally integrate true reflex responses.


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Milestone Momentum for Baby and Child Development

When EXACTLY should your baby be doing each milestone?
When should you Start Being Worried about your baby's development?
There is a SPECIFIC PROCESS of movement that gives your child Milestone Momentum.
When milestones are Skipped Or Delayed, your child has deviated off the Milestone Momentum Pathway.
Transitional and Functional Movements are what happens when a baby is on track with their Movement, Vision, and Push/pull Milestones.
NEVER should a child look stuck in their movements.
NEVER should a child look stiff in their movements.
NEVER should a child look laid back in their movements.
In the case where a child has birth trauma, genetics, or unknown issues that are causing developmental delay every child can have Milestone Momentum put into their system so that child can have the opportunity to experience daily progress in their functional movements and abilities.
It's never too late to give your child...
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14 Rolling Over Warning Signs - Typical vs. Atypical Baby Development in Rolling Over

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😳YOU'RE CONCERNED that your baby Isn't Rolling Over Yet and everyone is telling you, "It's okay, nothing is wrong with your baby, every baby develops differently."πŸ€”
😳😳You know that everything is NOT OKAY, and you don't know what to do about it.
You're asking yourself, "WHY?!" 🀦‍♀️ 🀦 🀦‍♂️
You're thinking, "I did everything right."
"I didn't swaddle much."
"I play with my baby, and it's like my kid is NOT GETTING IT! WHY?"

You have a right to be concerned.

ALWAYS talk to your doctor about your concerns for your baby.
But when you are getting the "Wait and See" approach ⌚, then you need more options.
You have tried all the therapy and alternative therapy options and You Are Out of options. What else could there...
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Learn the NUMBER ONE factor that affects baby's development! Support healthy brain growth.


What EXACTLY does your child need?

You want movement!
You want progression!
And that is Exactly what Movement Lesson offers, Progression which equals Milestone Momentum.
It’s the case for many of our kiddos that they are not doing a movement or milestone because their body literally DOES NOT KNOW HOW.

Movement that was stuck and impossible we need to unstuck so movement can Be Possible.

You don’t have to be a pro at this to Create Movement Possibilities for your child.
It only takes One Determined mom, dad, caregiver, or professional to put in the time to get AMAZING RESULTS.
Every Day it’s my goal to see progression in my children’s movement and abilities.
I have six children, and I work on All Of Them!
I assess, know exactly where I need it to work to Make The Most Difference, I work on my kids for 10-20-30 minutes (depending on how long they will let me), and off to the next kid.
And I try to work on my kids in EVERY...
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Where is my Child's Balance?! - Why Does My Child Keep Falling Over

WHERE is my Child’s BALANCE?!


Have you ever been falling asleep and you almost feel like you are floating almost like you are in an upright position? 


And then...


You are falling...






and WHAM!


You startle Big Time and you are back in your body in a horizontal position. 


Knowing where we are at in space is Super Important. 


I am not talking about in relationship to the floor, but in your relationship to gravity and your force interaction relationships. 


Your body needs to know when it is, Horizontal, or Vertical whether or not I am laying on the floor or hanging in the air.


When we move, we should be building a Symbiotic Relationship With Gravity. 


We experience gravity in 360 degrees. It's all around us. 


That being said our balance has to be in 360 degrees.


A child shouldn't be randomly falling, (yes we may occasionally trip on things, I am not talking about that kind of falling)....

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Functional Rotational Movements and Milestone Development

Rotation and Movement

Milestone development is not based on strength but one's ability to rotate in and through what seems like invisible space around us, but really it's gravity and the interaction our body has with gravity.


For a child what makes the stepping stone of milestone development possible is the child’s ability to successfully move in and out of each milestone independently using rotational movements.


Now I keep saying rotation.



Because, yes, you can work on muscle strengthening so a child can muscle through movements, but eventually the child will reach a point where they can’t muscle through anymore because their body is too heavy and gravity has become too much to work against.


It has nothing to do with strength.


Which is counterintuitive.


We think we just need to build more strength but movement shouldn’t take work and when it does we don’t want to do it anymore.


When you focus on...

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NICU, Heart Surgery and Functional Developmental Milestones

Before and After - NICU to HOME

His life is completely different because of Movement Lesson.
His life experiences were not that of a typical child, but I was able to offer that to him through teaching his body typical movement patterns by teaching his body functional developmental milestones with the Movement Lesson™ Touch.

Here is where he started...

You can do this too and become a Movement Lesson Parent Practitioner for your child.
Instead of being worried all the time about your child's development, you can become empowered with a skill set that allows you to functionally influence your child's development despite the challenges they will face in their life. 

Where do you start?

1. As a Movement Lesson™ Beginner, evaluate your child for functional movements with the Newborn Movement Assessment. CLICK HERE 
2. Then get a Movement Lesson™ Creator Subscription to help you...
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Teach a Child How to Eat Using Utensils


How to teach a child how to eat with utensils; it's different than you think.

Many think teaching a child how to eat is about putting a utensil in the hand and getting the utensil to the mouth.
For some children, this approach may work.
But if you have tried this and you are wondering why your child just isn't getting it, there is an important factor about this functional movement that you are missing.
All functional movements require rotational movements.
Functional movements do not require one to develop more strength.
When a child lacks rotation in the wrist, elbow, and/or shoulder, eating with utensils can be a very difficult, if not impossible task.
So instead of being frustrated that your child isn't getting it, there is a simple solutions checklist you can go through to teach your child rotational movements so their body starts to understand functional movements like eating with...
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How to Increase "Strength" in Special Needs for Development

Uncategorized Dec 31, 2021

Summary of Blog:

  • Have you been told that your child needs more "strength" to perform a milestone or developmental skill?
  • Completely Changing a Child's Developmental Path
  • Now What are Rotational Movements and How Does that Give My Baby or Child Strength?
  • How Do I Give My Child Rotational Movements?
  • Why Do We Need Rotational Movements in the Head? 


*This blog and the associated website are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition.
To learn how to put rotational movements into the head, start with the Head and Sutures Course.
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2 Ways Intubation, Feeding Tube (NG or NJ Tube), and / or NICU Time Affects Milestone Development

Birth Trauma and Cranial Developments

Birth Trauma can be a variety of things:

  • Intubation
  • Feeding Tube (NG or NJ Tube)
  • NICU Time
  • and more

When a child experiences a birth trauma that interrupts their cranial movements, developmental delays can occur. 


Because these types of birth trauma can cause two types of jams in the cranial system. 

First, is an ATLAS JAM

Your child may be struggling with things like:

  • Head control
  • Eating
  • Swallowing
  • Hates tummy time
  • Not rolling over

The head needs to be able to counter all the movements in the spine, and when there is an atlas jam, it can't; therefore key transitional movements patterns can not occur. 

Why Are Transitional Movement Patterns Important?

Transitional Movement Patterns are what should happen in a person's body between each of the "baby milestones" that you know.

These are not all of the established milestones given by the CDC, but here are just a few:

  • Head lift
  • Tummy time
  • Head control
  • Rolling over
  • ...
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